Friday, March 6, 2015

IP Pbx Dubai / Office Phone System UAE
 For Any business it is important to maintain proper relation with their customers.It can be established only by using a proper telephone system in your company or business.This is where IP Telephone system/ IP Pbx coming in to picture. Unlike traditional Analog / Digital Telephone system , IP Pbx having many advantages.You may ask '' what is ip telephone system/ Voip Pbx ?. In simple words ip phone systems utilizing your data network to communicate . It uses your LAN network.
It gives an added advantage of minimizing cabling cost by utilizing same cable  foe Voice as well as data network for your computer.

Most of the modern day ip telephone system / ip pbx coming with lots of features that give your business real productivity.
1, IVR
It is nice to have a IVR  attend your calls when your customers calling to your company.It gives a professional feeling about the company and reduce the workload of the receptionist by allowing the caller to choose the destination.Eg: Choosing the department or allowing caller to direct dial the extension number.
Want Example of a simple IVR. Here we go
Thank you for calling ''your company name''.Dial '1' for sales, Dial '2' for accounts Etc.

A advanced IVR Server allow you to go to any extend and even allow you to take the order without a human agent.

2, Voice Mail

If you are on a lunch break and somebody try to reach you on desk phone. The voice mail allow the caller to leave a message and you can hear the message threw the phone or the message will be instantly forwarded to your mail.

3,Mobile Applications

Mobile applications that can be installed on your Smart Phone give you mobility by allowing you to make and receive the calls threw your business landline .

Remote Workers.
You may want allow some of the staff to work from home. The remote extension of IP Pbx allow the staff to receive and make  calls to the customers threw office Lines.Also  you can create a small call center offshore by using remote extension.

Multiple Office Connectivity

If you are having offices in several countries by using an  ip pbx system  you can interconnect all the offices together. It will allow you to make extension to extension calls between all offices without spending money on your telephone bill.  May be you are calls are generated from other country . Still you dont have to worry about the international call charges. The call will be treated as a local call.

Call Reporting.
Call reporting allow you to be in control over the telephone expense and proclivity check.

In short, if you’re planning to setup a business, installing an office phone system / IP Pbx should be one of the first things on your list. Telephone Companies in Dubai Offer best telephone system products that match your business.

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